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Spiritual Combat

St. Francis de Sales carried a copy of this book in his pocket for 18 years!

Its wisdom formed his soul; it inspired him to a life of the deepest devotion, and ultimately it helped him become one of the Churchs greatest saints. Now this book can do the same thing for you.

Its no longer fashionable to speak of the Christian life as a battle, but theres actually no better way to describe the tug-of-war for your soul thats raging right now between the forces of light and darkness.

Here, Dom Lorenzo Scupoli helps you take your proper part in this spiritual battle so that you can win decisively the war for your soul.

This book has been loved by saints and sinners alike ever since it was written four hundred years ago. Why? Because it offers sensible advice to help you overcome spiritual obstacles and achieve spiritual perfection.

Not only what, but how!

Best of all, Spiritual Combat doesnt just tell you what you ought to be doing in order to live a truly Christian life it also shows you how to do it.

These directions include:

  • Seven reflections to help you be sorry for sinning
  • Twelve ways to think about death theyll help you live better today!
  • Prayer: seven ways to achieve its full benefits
  • What to do when prayer is dry and burdensome . . . or simply impossible
  • With wise spiritual guidance like this and much more, youll soon be winning all your spiritual battles battles that most people concede without a fight!
  • This great spiritual classic has influenced Catholic and Eastern Orthodox spirituality for four hundred years. Its republication is part of the new surge of interest in reforming Catholic life and practice.
    Fr. Benedict Groeschel
    Arise from Darkness

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