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More Saintly Solutions

Holy wisdom to help you solve
30 of lifes common problems

No matter what temptations you feel or troubles you have, theres a saint who also had those problems and can help you deal with them.

St. Augustine is here, along with St. Elisabeth Ann Seton, St. Catherine of Siena, and St. Francis de Sales. But youll also meet lesser-known saints, including St. Maria de la Cabeza, St. Joaquina, and St. Theophan the Recluse.

Indeed, here youll encounter over 400 saints who, by their example and intercession, will help you resist temptations, resolve problems, and bear with grace, good cheer, and Christian hope the ones you cant break free of.

Fr. Joseph Esper, author of the popular companion volume, Saintly Solutions, here considers over thirty of life's common problems, showing you how the saints dealt with each of them and grew holier as they did so. Better yet, he explains how you can, too.

In each chapter, Fr. Esper includes for reflection thought-provoking quotes from saints, a practical section entitled Something you might try, and solid suggestions for further reading. That makes More Saintly Solutions immensely valuable for everyone who struggles with lifes common problems and who wants to face them with the unquenchable joy of the saints!

Help from the saints on:

Abuse and neglect Academic problems Anger Criticism Difficulties praying Distrust of God Eccentricity Failure False accusations Family difficulties Forgetfulness Gambling Grief Household duties Imprisonment Insomnia Irritations Legal problems Lust Marital problems Mental illness Neglect Physical deformities Pride Scrupulosity Self-indulgence Shyness Speech problems Spiritual dryness Spiritual warfare Stubbornness Temptations Uncertainty Unforgiveness Widowhood Much more!

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