Catholic Exchange

God's World and Our Place In It


God and the world explained
by Bishop Sheen, the T.V. personality who
captivated the nation and won countless converts

In the 1950s, Fulton J. Sheen was one of the most popular television personalities in America, captivating millions of prime-time viewers weekly with enlightening talks on the essentials of Christianity and the moral life.

Relying on the same wise, lucid explanations that won the hearts of so many viewers, Archbishop Sheen here demonstrates that Christianity makes good sense even to persons with no religious background.

Indeed, argues Sheen, Christianity alone is able to explain the goodness we encounter in the universe and the evil; it alone makes sense of our impulses to love and to sacrifice and our repeated failures to do so.

Along the way, Bishop Sheen shows you
(among countless other things):

  • How conscience proves the existence of God
  • Why sacrifice is the road to lasting happiness
  • Why there must be both a heaven and a hell, and
  • What you must do to find your proper place in Gods world.
  • If youre not a Christian, youll come away with a sure sense of why so many good people are. If youre already Christian, youll come to understand your faith better, learn to explain it to others, and grow in gratitude for Gods gift of this world and the glorious role He has called you to play in it.



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