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Whatever youre struggling with, youre not alone: theres a saint who is not only praying for you before the throne of God, but who went through the same thing youre going through. In Saintly Solutions, Fr. Joseph Esper introduces you to over 350 saints who suffered in ways that you and I suffer every day, and who will bring you, too, to peace!

Fr. Esper considers over forty of lifes common problems, showing how saints overcame these challenges and difficulties, and even grew holier as they did so. Better yet, he explains how you can, too.

In each chapter, Fr. Esper includes thought-provoking quotes from saints for further reflection, a practical section entitled Something you might try, and solid recommendations for further reading. That makes Saintly Solutions immensely valuable for everyone who struggles with lifes common problems and wants to face them with the unquenchable joy of the saints!

Here's help from the saints on:

Anger anxiety argumentativeness boredom broken friendships business difficulties conception and pregnancy difficulties concern for departed loved ones criticism depression distractions during prayer distrust in God doubts drunkenness envy failure false accusations family difficulties financial difficulties gloominess gluttony gossip greed grief guilt illness impatience irritations irreligious children judgmentalness loneliness lust marital problems old age pride self-indulgence spiritual dryness tardiness temptations timidity and aggressiveness uncertainty unforgiveness unpopularity and much more!

A truly useful compendium of practical wisdom from the most godly sources in the world. Reading this book is like entering a cathedral.
Peter Kreeft
Making Sense Out of Suffering

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